Vent Free Gas Fireplaces & Logs

Kozy World vent free natural gas and liquid propane vent free gas fireplaces are sure to be the centerpiece of your home. With a wide variety of beautifully crafted mantle styles and finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find the fireplace that is just right for you. We offer a large selection from our wall-hugging compact fireplaces, to our convertible styles that can fit either along a wall or into a corner, to our full sized straight wall models that are a real furniture showpiece! The 99% fuel-efficient vent free gas firebox adds the warmth and charm of a real wood fire to any room without all of the mess of burning wood. The built-in thermostat will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather and the vent free design keeps the heat where you need it, not up the chimney! All models are 99% efficient and will continue to function even if the electric power fails, providing an excellent source of emergency heat. All models include an ODS or Oxygen Depletion Sensor which automatically shuts off the gas supply in the rare event that the oxygen level in the room drops to an unsafe level as established by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). An optional blower and gas appliance installation kit are also available.