Kerosene Forced Air Heater Support

Below are some helpful guidelines to get you started on maintaining your kerosene forced air heater. We also provide video how-to's on common maintenance parts. As always, you can Contact Us or Ask an Expert if you need any further assistance or check out our Find a Retailer page to locate a kerosene forced air heater servicing center near you.

Trouble Shooting
Heater Design
Wiring Diagrams



 These documents are for reference purposes and not intended to replace your owner’s manual. It is important to read your owner’s manual in its entirety which has been designed to instruct you as to the proper manner in which to assemble the heater, maintain the heater, store the heater, and most importantly, how to operate the heater in a safe and efficient manner. Visit our Owner's Manual section to find a copy of your heater's owner's manual.

Maintaining the Photocell:

Maintaining the Air Filter Kit:

Maintaining the Rotor Kit: