Emergency Heat

When it’s cold outside and your heating system fails due to a power outage, mechanical failure, or simply because you ran out of heating fuel, you may have a true emergency on your hands! A cold, dark house isn’t comfortable and can lead to frozen pipes or other damage. What’s worse is if your power stays out, for days, weeks, or even months it can pose risks to your family’s health and safety.


You can lose your electric power when you least expect it:

  1. Snow storms, hail storms, earthquakes, floods, high winds and even solar flares can lead to unexpected and sometimes lengthy power outages.
  2. Traffic accidents, fallen trees, and other unexpected events can disrupt power to your home for days, weeks or even months depending on the cause.
  3. Disruptions to local, state, and national power grids can happen at any time. Cascade failures resulting from over demand, solar events, or other problems can have extended and far reaching impacts. Even an event that happens hundreds of miles away can result in your home being without power.

In a power outage time is your greatest enemy. Most homes can survive a brief outage, but if the power stays off for a day or more your home could lose the fight against winter’s cold winds. When that happens it’s often too late to find an alternative heater before they are all sold out!

Smart homeowners take this into consideration when choosing zone heating appliances. Not only do they look for products that will help them reduce total home heating costs, but also products that can heat their home when these emergencies strike. Preparing now will help keep you and your family warm and your home better protected in an emergency.

Few appliances offer you the investment pay back and sense of security more than a heater or fireplace that is not dependent on your power company. Whether you prefer gas or kerosene fueled appliances, there is a model and design to fit almost any need. Please browse our complete selection of heating products that lower heating costs every day, while providing emergency heat when you need it most. Your local retailer can assist you with your decision.