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As home heating costs continue to rise, millions of home owners have turned to easy to use, energy efficient portable electric heaters to reduce total home heating costs.

Comfort Glow brand portable heaters are a perfect choice for homes practicing Zone Heating. They provide hassle free, instant heat, where you need it most.


Portable Electric Space Heaters are 99% energy efficient and can provide hassle free, instant heat where it is needed most. We offer a large selection of styles and models to meet almost any need or preference. Most feature a thermostat and high/low heat control to allow you to select your personal comfort level. Turn back your thermostat and choose one of these portable powerhouses to zone heat your home and start saving on your heating costs, today!

Fan Forced Electric Heater with 3-Power Selections


The Pelonis, 1500W, fan-forced heater with thermostat has 3-heat settings and fan only setting with power indicator light, making this little heater a perfect choice for home or office.

Stylish Oil Filled Radiator (white)


This stylish 7-fin radiator from Comfort Glow provides 5120 BTU's of quiet continuous heat without the noise of a fan. Easy lift front and rear carrying handles and included wheel kit make moving this heater from room to room a breeze. Extras include "easy select" multiple power settings and built-in cord wrap.

Heavy Duty Electric Utility Heater


This Duraheat Workbox Utility Heater is a powerful and portable heater. It's high efficiency ceramic PTC heat with a powerful construction grade (high output) fan will provide a steady heat source at a lower operating cost. Rugged, heavy duty construction, with an ergonomic carry handle, allows the unit to be moved from basement, to workshop, to garage, or other unheated areas with ease. Uses standard 110V/120V outlet.

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From the name that invented ceramic heaters, we are pleased to offer a complete selection of Pelonis Ceramic Heaters. These heaters use a ceramic heating element that produces instant heat, and use less electricity than many other electric heaters. After this element is initially heated, the amount of energy needed to maintain the temperature of the heating element drops drastically, thereby reducing the amount of continuous amps drawn by the heater. Less amps mean your electric meter turns slower, and you start saving! It’s really just that simple! Choose from a wide variety that includes everything from desk top models, oscillating designs, and even the original “brown box” Pelonis Disc Furnace.

Advanced PTC Ceramic Comfort Furnace


Reduce home heating costs with our Comfort Glow Comfort Furnace that features an advanced PTC (Positive Temperature Co-efficient) ceramic heating element with an added Hepa Filter and UV Lamp for air/allergen filtration. This heater offers clean, comfortable, and efficient portable heat for almost any room in the house.

Oscillating Ceramic Tower Safety Furnace


This Pelonis Ceramic 18" Tower Heater spreads a blanket of warmth throughout the room which is both economical and efficient. This sleek, compact tower oscillates for a wide heating area and is small enough that it can be set on a tabletop, desktop, or on the floor. 

Pelonis Ceramic Safety Furnace


This Pelonis Ceramic Safety Furnace offers a sleek, new modern design, with the same famous Pelonis brand name. The safety furnace features ceramic fin elements that permit maximum air flow for fast whole room heating. 

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The popularity of Infrared Quartz Heaters has skyrocketed in recent years. The Comfort Glow Portable Comfort Furnace takes this basic technology a step further by utilizing both a resistance pre heater combined with quartz infrared heating technology and a high velocity fan to offer a true technological breakthrough. People just love the warmth that is spread evenly throughout the room, while the furniture quality wood veneer cabinet stays completely cool. All models come standard with an electronic thermostat, digital room temperature display, and the convenience of a programmable timer. A hand-held remote control is also included. Our model (QEH1410) with real wood veneer cabinet is lighter, making it even easier to move from room to room putting the heat where ever you need it most. With all of these benefits, many people are buying multiple units to reduce their total home heating costs. It’s simply the Smart Solution!

Infrared Quartz Comfort Furnace


This powerful Comfort Glow compact infrared quartz heater has the same 5,120 BTU output as the large heaters, and the smaller cabinet. This furnace fits almost anywhere and is great for tight quarters, bedrooms, rv's, or other areas where space is limited.

The Keystone Electric Stove with Infrared Quartz (Black)


The Keystone line-up from Comfort Glow features a beautiful styling with double swing door design. The gloss back finish adds realism to this stove and its compact design makes it a perfect accent piece for almost any room. This version also offers infrared quartz heating element.

The Keystone Electric Stove (Steel Blue)


The Keystone line-up from Comfort Glow features a beautiful styling with a double swing door design. The unique, gloss steel blue finish adds realism to this stove and its compact design makes it a perfect accent piece for almost any room. This version also offers infrared quartz heating element.

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Dura Heat Electric Forced Air Heaters are a perfect choice for large indoor areas such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, barns, and other indoor area’s with access to 240 volt outlets. They operate quieter than gas or kerosene forced air heaters, yet the heavy duty coil heating elements provide up to nearly 14,000 BTU’s in an instant. The compact portable design includes built-in carrying handle and base stand. The 5 foot heavy duty cord includes a NEMA 6-20P grounded plug. Additional features include an adjustable thermostat and safety thermal cut-off device.

Forced Air Work Horse


Dura Heat powerhouse 240 volt/13,650 btu heater on adjustable stand. Provides lots of heat in an instant. Compact design and heavy duty construction makes this heater a true workhorse.



According to the Energy Information Administration the average homeowner can save 3% for each degree the central heating system is set back. With efficient Seasons Comfort electric heaters, you can turn down the thermostat of your money guzzling central heating system and still stay warm in the rooms used most often.