Liquid Propane (LP) Gas Forced Air Heater Tech Support


Possible Cause

Corrective Action

Fan does not turn when electrical connection is made

  1. No electric power to heater.
  2. Fan black contacts inside of heater housing.
  3. Fan blade(s) bent.
  4. Fan motor defective.
  1. Check current to electric outlet. If voltage is correct, check power cord and extension cord for cuts and breaks.
  2. Be sure that housing is not damaged.
  3. Straighten blade(s) to match others.
  4. Replace with OEM motor.

Heater will not fire.

  1. No spark at ignitor.
  2. Improper spark gap.
  3. Bad electrode.
  1. Check ignitor wire. Re-attach or tighten if loose. Check spark module. Replace if necessary.
  2. Set gap to 0.16"
  3. Replace with OEM Spark Plug.

Heater quits while running.

  1. Internal temperature too high causing limit switch to shut down operations.
  2. Damage control valve.
  3. Dust or debris build-up inside of heater.
  1. If the heater output is restricted, internal temperature becomes too high. Move heater away from any obstructions.
  2. Replace with OEM control valve.
  3. Clean inside of heater.

 This document is for reference purposes and not intended to replace your owner’s manual. It is important to read your owner’s manual in its entirety which has been designed to instruct you as to the proper manner in which to assemble the heater, maintain the heater, store the heater, and most importantly, how to operate the heater in a safe and efficient manner.