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Since 1982 the Kero World brand name has been synonymous with high quality, providing reliable service for 30 years. Not only are Kero World Indoor Heaters 99% efficient, they also provide the largest BTU output of any indoor-approved, portable heating appliance. Whether you’re looking for a way to zone heat several rooms of your home or simply need a back up heat source during power outages, we have a kerosene heater that is just right for the job. Kero World Kerosene Heaters require no installation, provide nearly instant heat and light, and are entirely portable. You can easily move them from room to room or come to the rescue of a friend or relative in need. Put the heat where you want it with a Kero World Indoor Kerosene Heater!

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Indoor Kerosene Heater


Kero World is the brand trusted by millions since 1982.  Quality materials and construction, along with a 2-year warranty, makes this heater brand a standout.  The KW-24G convection style heater is a popular choice.  It projects 23,000 BTU's of heat in a 360 degree radius, helping to heat a large area.  Also great for those winter power outages and emergency situations as it provides both heat and light when the power is out. As with any fuel burning heater, annual maintenance is required.

Indoor Kerosene Heater


Kero World is the brand trusted by millions since 1982.  Quality material and construction, along with a 2-yr. warranty makes this heater a stand out.  The KW-11F radiant style heater, with a one gallon removable tank allows easy outdoor refueling. Annual maintenance required.

Indoor Kerosene Heater


Kero World is the brand trusted by millions since 1982.  Quality materials and construction, along with a 2 yr. warranty makes this heater a stand out.  The KW-12 provides a 10,500 BTU output and burns up to 15 hours on one tank (1.1 gal.) of fuel.  It provides both heat and light making it a must for emergency preparedness. Annual maintenance required.

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Replacement WicksKerosene Heater Replacement Wicks & Accessories

We also offer a complete line of genuine Kero World Brand Replacement Wicks with models to fit almost any kerosene heater ever sold in North America. Using high quality raw materials, stringent construction methods and superior designs, Kero World Replacement Wicks provide you a superior value for your heating dollar. Each wick is packaged with easy to use installation instructions. Be sure to replace your igniter and batteries when tuning up your heater. Also ensure your siphon pump is in good condition, and be sure you have Kero Klean kerosene fuel conditioner on hand to protect your K-1kerosene. Our convenient Wick Finder can help you find the proper wick for your heater, or click here to browse our wicks.



According to the Energy Information Administration the average homeowner can save 3% for each degree the central heating system is set back. With efficient Kozy World gas appliances, you can turn down the thermostat of your money guzzling central heating system and still stay warm in the rooms used most often.